Welcome To Berlesell

Welcome To The Official Website For Berlesell

We sell top quality plumbing material and sanitary ware.

We provide products from the following suppliers:

  • Cobra Taps
  • Hansgrohe Taps
  • Cachet Taps and Sinks
  • Isca Taps
  • Libra Basins and Baths
  • Plexicor Basins, Baths and Sinks
  • Vaal Basins, Baths, Sinks and Toilets
  • Marblecast Basins and Baths
  • Surface Innovations Basins and Baths
  • Ceramic Industries Basins,¬†Baths and Toilets
  • Dado Baths
  • Splash Baths and Toilets
  • Sphinx Toilets
  • Geberit Toilets
  • Lecico Toilets
  • Franke Sinks
  • Kwikot Sinks, Solar Water Heating Systems and Geysers
  • Heat Tech Geysers
  • GAP Geysers
  • Geyserwise
  • Maksal Copper Piping and Fittings
  • Marley PVC Piping and Fittings
  • DPI Plastics Piping and Fittings
  • Dutton Plastics Engineering Piping and Fittings

Excellent customer service and product knowledge is our main focus and priority. We strive to keep all our clients happy and will do our utmost to accomplish this by adding value to every client and customer.

We deliver to Bloemfontein, the surrounding areas of Bloemfontein and Kimberley.

Anyone can apply for credit with us, including the public.

Office hours:

  • 7.30 tot 17.00 Mondays to Thursdays
  • 7.30 tot 16.30 Fridays
  • 8.00 tot 12.00 Saturdays